Pursue that Path,

However Narrow or Crooked,

In which you can Walk with Love & Reverence

-Henry David Thoreau

​​​​​​About Us

"Life at it's whole is more than few thoughts, emotions, situations, reactions and wishes. It is a symphony of every single tune coming together in a unique manner, leaving the composer with an option to come up with a masterpiece, a mediocre craft or a broken junk"

Beyond Randomness is an organization based in Bangalore, helping individuals to flourish irrespective of their current situation. Our services include psychological counseling/psychotherapy, customized workshops, wellness coaching, group counseling and more.

There is a general question regarding the effectiveness of Talk Therapy & how exactly it works. Here is an answer. We have a manager called Mind or Brain within us. It is a dynamic entity which is shaping us & also being shaped by us. Most of the issues we face are created by the way our mind has been interpreting the situations & wiring itself further.Thoughts,Emotions, Beliefs, Perceptions & Behavior are the units through which we access & understand our mind. If we could understand our mind better, we would be in a position to rewire it in the way we want. A professional can help you to understand as well as reshape your mind through what we call Talk Therapy or Psychological Counseling.

We believe that each one of us, irrespective of situation he/she is in right now, has tremendous potential waiting to be realized. Many of us are looking for more; however do not know what, have no idea of how, and also not ready to take that next step. Some others are stuck in the loop of vicious thoughts, emotions, habits & relationships. You might have noticed the power of few incidents to shake you and leave you changed, for the better. We aid you to create more of those experiences. We, at Beyond Randomness intend to help you architect your life, your way. One powerful way to achieve this is through individual counseling & group counseling, to understand your mind & life clearly. Our focus is not just to address illness but also to create prosperity & wellness . Our experiential workshops and coaching are structured for this purpose..Most meaningful empowerment is one that happens earlier, during childhood; leaving one with a long stretch to lead  fulfilling Life & also to influence society. Hence our first priority is children & teenagers. However focusing just on one sector of society without enabling ecosystem is a work partially done without bigger picture. Hence we cater to not just teenagers but also teachers & parents. On top we do not make the mistake of overlooking the present, which is an empowered adult who writes many success stories in his/her path. Our personal development modules are specially designed for personal development.

Roots : Philosophy : Vision

"Everyone will not understand you. It's okay, it is not their journey. Important thing here is if you understand your thoughts, emotions, aspirations and actions...If you truly understand your journey..!!! "

There is more to people than what we can usually see. And often, what we can’t see is of greater depth!  To reach these depths, we believe that one not only needs to delve into experiences but also untangle them, by looking at them through the lenses of introspection and deep inner reflection.

Life, which is perceived to be complex jigsaw puzzle with random pieces can be taken beyond its randomness and one would be enthralled by the ways in which the puzzle can come together and form a beautiful whole. Bearing this in mind, we strive to create a difference by making people think, question, understand and build their own road maps.We envision the society to experience the amplified magnitude of life along with it's bigger picture. 

Our Approach

"For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them" - Aristotle

At Beyond Randomness, we focus on not only the “what” and "why" of things but also the “how”. We take a distinct experiential approach, which ensures individual growth with quality. Experiential learning brings out creativity and understanding by engaging into a task by doing it, reviewing it and then reflecting upon it. Thus, providing each one a unique opportunity to explore, experience and expand!

Our Founders

Sneha Bhat is Software Architect turned Counseling Psychologist. She is a Master of Counseling Psychology from Christ University, standing first in the University. She holds Bachelor of Engineering degree from Kuvempu University again with a gold medal. Before Embracing Psychology, She worked in software Industry for 8 years where she started as software Engineer and grew to become Associate architect in a Multi-National Company. She elevated her profession from programs dealing with computers to programs dealing with human mind, which is far more complex and amusing. Her stint at counseling, training and wellness coaching spans across children, adolescents, adults and late adults.  She was associated with NGO, school,Rehabilitation Center and de-addiction center as a Counseling Psychologist and Trainer. She is a keen learner, ultimate optimist and Life enthusiast. She holds a firm belief in the capacity of each individual to lead a fulfilling life under given circumstance. Beyond Randomness for her is a step towards evolved society.

​Shaima Naaz is a Counseling Psychologist. She has done her Masters in Counseling Psychology from Christ University, Bangalore. Previously, she worked as a Software Engineer for four years in the telecom industry. Coming from an existential perspective towards life she had a vision to contribute to the society. Along with this, her interest in Counseling and love for psychology brought her to this profession which offered a blend of both and gave her a platform to pursue her vision. She has worked with different age groups in different settings like college, juvenile home, hospital, de-addiction center and rehabilitation center. These experiences made her sensitized to the distinct needs of people and of the society in general. The enthusiasm to do more and to put into action all the brimming ideas, culminated in creating this organization.