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Mental Health & Wellness Management

Will Counselling/Therapy Help overcome Depression..??

How to deal with Excess Anxiety & Depression in every day situations

I am angry, tired, upset & lost from goal. How to overcome.?

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Feeling beaten during the process of Identity Exploration

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Sleeplessness, Emotional Reactivity & Situational Helplessness

Panic attacks under pressure & discouraged by people & situations

Therapy ​for Sleep Paralysis

Diabetes & Depression Management

Insecurity, low self-esteem, Relationship Issues & Dilemmas

Overcoming Addiction & Caring for body as well as mind

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Panicky reaction to unexpected situations from every day Life

Change in behaviour after falling from treadmill

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Anxious for smallest of the things

Lack of self control & multiple addictions

Issues at sleeping

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Jobless & Issues at mingling with people or trusting

Lonely & get abusive when provoked

Anger management with self-harming tendencies

Heavy mood swings during menstruation

Anxious Avoidant tendencies

Whether to listen to affected or faculty during de addiction process

My friend behaves a bit like girl being a boy

Lonely, tired & suicidal

My aged father has become orally abusive due to fear of death

I feel like cutting off myself from others and have been doing it

Undergone 19 surgeries and struggling to overcome physical & psychological pain

Dealing with anxiety & Obsessive Compulsive tendencies.!

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