Workshop revolves around 3 factors

1. Self Exploration : the core of I

Identity Exploration : What you think you
are at different levels, 
life goals(short term & long term) analysis, 
Need Awareness : Understanding of primary drivers 
motivational factors, personality picture 
& emotion management graph 
to make your life more intentional

2. Career Coaster : My Self Expression

What is your career to you.!
How you have been faring at it.?
Career that matches you or you match the career..??
How to improve at what you do
You & Your Team : How are you linked to your team
Helps you to find the career you love or love the career you are in

3. Relationship Exploration : Me & Others

​Whole of you : Thoughts, Emotions, Beliefs & Perspectives
 Me & We : Your relation with spouse, Children, friends & relatives
You & Your Boss
You & Your Subordinates
Makes you aware of your relational patterns and help you improve at each aspect.

​​​​​​How about gaining an initial understanding of what you are & what you intend to do from deep within, along with the understanding of the stream you are in, so that you enjoy swimming hard with the stream and make most out of it..!!!

Lets begin that leap towards progress with this first step. deep dive into total you; exploring, experiencing & expanding aiming at personal growth, professional satisfaction & relationship empowerment....Uncovering your true potential..!!. 

Invest 2 days for this experiencing of that adventurous you, who dares to go beyond doubts, limitations & boundaries for an exceptional today & tomorrow .!!! 

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” 

― Aristotle

​“You need to know, where exactly you are and also be comfortable in your shoes to reach where you want to be”

From the time you are born, you have been on a learning spree. You did your graduation, masters or doctorate and at the point take interest in collecting certain amount of materials/information or playing around with them. You also have been experiencing every moment of life. To what extent are you applying what you know.? Have you discovered the joy of work or that of relationships in its full swing? Is knowledge important to you or experience.? Well, neither knowledge nor experience can bring contentment on its own. They need to be married to create the real understanding. Have you been able to combine the knowledge adequately with day today experiences...?? If you are, it would reflect in the quality of your life. Is your life, all you want it to be...?

At this very moment, as an individual your life is consumed by 3 things. First one is how you spend your time and why you spend it in the way you do. Second one is how you are linked to the people around and if it is in line with your liking and third one is the deeper understanding of the person you are. Your career, relationship and self-understanding is deciding your self-worth and contentment. Most of the time we just brace the rat race without understanding why we are doing what we are doing or how we can do what we do better. Our personal development module creates a space for you to stop wherever you are, look back, understand and proceed with intentional steps.

Our 2-day workshop is experiential, insightful & scientific in nature. It acquaints you with science and art of knowing, reflecting and transforming yourself. It brings to your floor some simple and powerful tools which bring out your strengths & architect your life in your way.!

Self-Exploration Cruise : Leap Towards Progress