For Teenagers

Workshops intend to develop a sense of understanding, ownership & inquisitiveness in a teen's Life by creating Identification.

No man's knowledge here can go beyond his experience

- John Locke 

For Teachers/Educators

Workshop focuses on a teacher as 3 in 1. An evolving Individual, Empowering educator & enabler of Future and help them in all the 3.

Fun and Essence of Workshops

Dilip Kumar Who?

If you go and ask a 16 year old “Hey do you know Dilip Kumar? ” ,There comes the startled reply. Who? If same question is asked to a 35 year old, she might know the name and the fact that there existed a good actor by this name in Bollywood. Now, If you ask this question to a 60 year old, He might be all praises for the screen presence and talents of the actor.

​Has he already disappeared from our world?

Does it mean that this actor's already vanished from our memories ? certain kind of knowledge which came alive and evolved though this person just weaned off in the years..?? Not really. Knowledge is very much alive and is living in the next ​generation actors who learnt from him, got motivated from him, imitated him and improvised him. That is the story with a good cook, carpenter, craftsman, scientist, philosopher, musician, politician and any other professional. They might have vanished from the scene but not really. In first place how were they able to personify the knowledge and accentuate it in their lifetime and eventually pass it across to next generation?

​Stamping one’s identity on the Knowledge​

When every single person has the brain capacity to be super human, why is it that only few manage to live the knowledge? Answer for this question lie in the other side of the life which is the world of experiences. Knowledge as we all know is something which originates from the world around us, from generations, from the existing understanding. On the other hand world of experiences is substantial as well. From the moment we were born, till we die we are in the state of experiencing. What happens when we experience? We associate emotions with what is, and possibly create an understanding. However we might get into certain thought or action or witness something several times without ever understanding or asking why it is happening. 

From Knowledge and Experience to Wisdom

Both of these forces, knowledge and experience, standing alone are like candle and matchstick. They are there but not of much use. When they are brought together in a way close to the person’s perceptual understanding, there is an “aaha” moment. There is a fire which brings out the inner wisdom.  Experience is something which bridges between outer world of knowledge and inner world of wisdom.

hat is unique about workshops?

Since generations there have been several mediums such as films, plays, stories, music, teachings in classrooms which have been working in the direction of converting knowledge into wisdom for us. A workshop is another tool in this direction which stands out due to few factors. Firstly, when we are attending a workshop we are creating an expectation for ourselves. The brain which is in expectancy mode is many times more open and attentive than the one which just participates. Secondly, workshops simulate life where you are offered the choice along with the playground to assert the choice. Thirdly, the right mix of science of knowledge and art of experiencing offered in the very own language of participants. Language here is not only what participants speak but also one they understand. So a workshop comes with a promise of right expectations, knowledge to match expectations and the possibilities for wisdom.